Events 2018

These are some of the events being organised by the Sealed Knot in the 2018 season at which members of our regiment will be present and taking part.

26-28th May – Major Muster  – The siege of bristol which is part of the 375th events.Poster

23-24th June – Newark 375, Nottinghamshire

7th July – Chepstow Prelude:

7-8th July – Deene Park –  A booked muster: A small event hosted by Hoghton’s Regiment of Marquess of Newcastle’s Tertio.

7th-8th July – Bolton School – Lottery funded event

14th July – Chepstow – Co-hosted by Saye and Sele’s, Lilburne’s and Birch’s. Event Poster.

28-29th July – Thirlestane Castle, Lauder

28-29th July – Naseby, Northamptonshire

28-29th July – North Cornwall, Bude.

4-5th August – Pembroke Castle: Once again Lord Saye & Seles are delighted to be returning to Pembroke Castle with a larger event  to commemorate the Siege of Pembroke 1648.

11-12th August – Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol / National Botanic Gardens, Mini muster with horse

25-27th August – Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, 50th Anniversary Major musterEvent Poster.

8-9th September – Bradgate Deer Park, Leicester