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About the Regiment 

Who are we? Saye’s, as we like to call ourselves, have a membership drawn from all walks of life.

We have the honour of bearing the Colours of the Fiennes family with the permission of the current Lord Saye and Sele whose family still reside at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire.

Our emphasis is on enjoyment, both for ourselves and for the viewing public. Each member may undertake the role he or she desires, be it combatant, civilian or a supporting role.                                   


We are always on the lookout for new recruits to the cause.

All are very welcome, families included, as we try to include everyone, no matter what age, in our activities.

We have members in many parts of England and Wales, with concentrations in the East Midlands and Southwest Wales.

Our regiment is made up of a pike division, a small but dedicated musket division, artillery crew and a living history section.

We also have roles for drummers, standard bearers, ladies and camp followers. Many members learn to undertake more than one role.

Do not worry if you are not sure what you want to do or if you feel you may not have the skills that are required.

We will only be too pleased to help train and equip you and make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the experience of being a member of the regiment taking part in events all over the country.